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Flowers Forever


Propelled by our love and affection for flowers and energy to put smiles on faces, it's our obsession to not only create noteworthy arrangements for every occasion, but we are also ever ready to go the extra mile for all our lovely customers.


With a keen eye for detail and aesthetics, we are always committed to perfecting each and every of our creations. Our collection of thoughtful and meticulous curations ensures that you would be ready for any occasion. 

We believe that everyone should get to enjoy flowers- something so simple yet amazingly uplifting and comforting, hence it is always our mission to keep our prices affordable without compromising the quality of our blooms. In fact, we take great care in sourcing for our flowers, ensuring that every single one of our stems is carefully selected. Besides that, our flower care is just the best - we feed our flowers premium flower food and they typically stay fresh for at least a week even after reaching you! All that we do is simply for the sole purpose of seeing a megawatt smile on the receiver of our arrangements and making sure our customers get the best bang of their buck.

It always makes our day whenever customers return to thank us for our beautiful and fresh flowers. This is a compliment we will never get sick of. :)



Good florists are so much more than people who simply deliver and execute flower arrangements. They are stewards of life's celebrations, big or small, joyful or solemn.

It is always Fleureva's priority to put our customer's needs first. We truly believe in offering a range of beautifully created products at affordable prices because it only makes perfect sense to us that our customers are getting the best here yet these price tags that come along when you shop at Fleureva remain reasonable and affordable. We want to fervently prove that quality does not equate to a high price tag.

Our commitment and passion to ensuring a lovely and seamless experience for all our customers is really second to none. Great reviews, satisfied returning customers and word of mouth are testament to our wonderful service.

Placing customer's satisfaction and quality blooms with low price tags on the top of our list, we are constantly seeking to improve ourselves and our creations, always keeping in mind our staunch beliefs in this pursuit of our passion for flowers and people, making us not only your friendly flower shop, but also your go-to florist for every occasion. 

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